Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

BCST is a gentle yet powerful approach to treating a variety of dysfunctions that occur in the human body.  BCST is rooted in the osteopathic teaching of Dr. William Sutherland.  Many people have expanded this concept over the years, but the central guiding principle is that there are forces in the body that are constantly moving our bodies in the direction of health and healing. As we go through life, physical and emotional stress create barriers to the full expression of this vital energy.  BCST allows me to synchronize with these forces so that the Health of your body can express itself more completely.

During a biodynamic craniosacral therapy session the client will lie face up fully clothed on the massage table. The practitioner may sit at the head, side or foot of the table to begin the treatment. The practitioner must first synchronize with their own health. After this they may then place their hands on the client and then comes into relationship with the client’s health. The client may feel that there is not much happening during this settling process, this is natural. It takes a few minutes for the mind to discharge all the chatter of our daily activities. Once the mind comes to a state of relative stillness or neutral the treatment truly begins.

A typical session may last between 45-60 min. After the session is complete the client may report a sense of calmness throughout their whole body. They may or may not have the symptoms or complaint they arrived with yet their body is still being treated from this new place of wholeness. It is suggested that a client receive at least 3 sessions to begin to feel the full effect of this work.