Stillness... Clarity... Harmony... Attunement To The Natural World

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Being present and still is a doorway that allows us to begin to know the Health that is ever-present in our bodies and in the natural world around us. Receiving treatments, clients can begin to develop their own relationship with, and learn from, the Intelligence within.

My practice is centered on the reintegration of the nervous system to the whole. When we have stress in our lives, the body lives in a state of fight or flight. This work brings the system back to a neutral point where the body can begin to reorganize back towards Its own Health.


As a client, you will be able to sense this slowing down of the system, which will bring your conscious mind to a state of stillness. This stillness, when viewed as a moment to moment process, can be called being present. When we are present in the moment, a shift can happen in the body that ignites these deep healing processes.