Open Farms Retreat is an organic 2 acre farm in Cumberland, RI that was created in 2020 through Andraly's vision for an Open Farm with Open Arms. Open Farms Retreat is a place for one to reconnect to nature and heal oneself. 


To provide exceptional Bodywork for those who wish  to connect to the natural laws of healing.

To be a sanctuary and place of rest where social activists and healers can rejuvenate.


To offer the Retreat as a teaching facility for educators.


Massage table.HEIC

Our two hour retreat will reconnect  you to the healing power of being in nature.  A farm tour and guided meditation allows you to begin sensing that healing power. Heal through a deep tissue or craniosacral treatment. Relax while you enjoy your hot tub soak and/or steam in our solid cedar sauna before or after your treatment.

Wellness Retreat   2 hrs   $200


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A Nature Liberation is an invitation to you to engage all of your senses while connecting to the land and the wisdom of the natural world. We begin with giving thanks to the land which informs the experience, followed by a centering meditation to begin opening our minds and hearts. Gentle movement and breath work prepares you as we take a tour of the farm. You will have the the opportunity to find a spot that speaks to you to sit a while in stillness as you synchronize with the breath of life. Afterwards, return to the fire circle for herbal tea, reflections and closing.

Nature Liberations   2 hrs   $150