"Andraly Horn is one of the most gifted healers I have ever known. It is a privilege for me as a busy holistic physician to be able to refer patients with complex issues to Andraly; he is my “ace-in-the-hole”, since I am always confident that Andraly will not only help resolve many difficult issues, but also because after a few sessions I know that the ground will be prepared for greater health, wellness and vitality. "

John McGonigle, MD

"I consider Andraly to be more of a force of nature than a bodyworker.  His deep understanding of human anatomy in relation to the ebbs and flows of energy in the body make him a powerful healer who can tune into the root cause of any symptom. He has personally treated me since 2011 during my first pregnancy and from that point on I was hooked!  His hands always find a way to restore balance within me, which may result in the release of muscle tension, the resolution of a headache, the immediate disappearance of a month-long respiratory infection, the ease of my digestive symptoms, or even tears followed by a profound sense of calm and grounding.  I wholeheartedly recommend him to my patients as well; they often comment “I have no idea what he did but it worked.  He is amazing.”  Andraly’s connection to the earth is palpable and I think what makes him stand out as a healer; with each treatment, he brings us just a little closer to that place of centeredness and peace."

Sarah Byrne, MD