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BCST is a gentle yet powerful approach to treating a variety of dysfunctions that occur in the body. 

During a biodynamic craniosacral therapy session the client will lie face up fully clothed on the massage table. Andraly may sit at the head, side or foot of the table to begin the treatment. Andraly must first synchronize with his own health. After this he may then place his hands on the client and then comes into relationship with the client’s health. The client may feel that there is not much happening during this settling process. This is natural. It takes a few minutes for the mind to discharge all the chatter of our daily activities. Once the mind comes to a state of relative stillness or neutral the treatment truly begins.

A typical session may last between 45-60 min. After the session is complete the client may report a sense of calmness throughout their whole body. They may or may not have the symptoms or complaint they arrived with, yet their body is still being treated from this new place of wholeness. It is suggested that a client receive at least 3 sessions to begin to feel the full effect of this work.


Deep Tissue work combines my years of structural integration with a thorough knowledge of musculoskeletal anatomy to gently differentiate the myofascial layers of tissue.  These tissues may become adhered due to injury, chronic holding patterns, and surgery.  Adhesions can block circulation and cause pain, limited movement and inflammation.  Deep tissue therapy works by gently breaking down these adhesions to relieve pain and restore normal movement. 

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As I work, it is important for you to communicate when there is discomfort. This allows me to lighten my pressure to a more comfortable level for you.  When there is discomfort due to too much pressure, your body does not have the opportunity to relax and experience the letting go of tension and chronic holding patterns. When I treat, I am not just treating a tight muscle, I am also focusing on the whole body and attempting to encourage your nervous system to relax and let go of chronic holding patterns.  If you are in pain while in a treatment, it is counterproductive to the therapeutic goals. Working in that range of “deep but not quite painful” is the best place to allow this to happen.


Private Guided Meditation

Learn how to settle your mind, soften your heart, and relax your body with a guided meditation designed for your specific needs.

Bodywork & Spa

Enhance your bodywork experience by synchronizing with the natural world while relaxing in the outdoor hot tub and sauna before or after your


Monthly Membership

Regular bodywork has been proven beneficial in treating a variety of dysfunctions. Membership includes 2 treatments of your choice, two spa experiences and one guided meditation designed for you.